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Sprinklers Fixed, 25 years experience troubleshooting
 & repairing irrigation 

Owner: Jim Bettencourt
PO Box 81
Willows, Ca. 95988 
State Contractor
Lic. # 754854


Testimonials say a lot about a business, especially one that is as diverse as landscape irrigation. Please take a moment and read through a few comments shared by my clients.

Quotes Sprinklers Fixed is incredibly thorough, efficient, and knowledgeable! They took the disastrous mess that was my sprinkler system and fixed it. They even found redundant lines and capped them. I no longer have to wonder what was causing my trees to look sickly - they were being over watered. Sprinklers Fixed saved me money on my water bill and time because I didn't have to call someone else to fix their work. Sprinklers Fixed are the first and last call you'll need to make if you need your sprinklers repaired!! Quotes
Katharine Foshee
Satisfied Customer

Quotes Sprinklers Fixed were awesome! The home we just bought made it through the fire, but the automatic sprinkler system didn't fare as well. Because the big equipment cut down some of our trees and ran over parts of the yard, the sprinklers were hiding. Sprinklers Fixed found every one and did a stellar job of replacing and repairing the entire system. Works so well, it just makes our lives so much easier. If you want the job done right the first time, Sprinklers Fixed is the company to call. Quotes
Bob & Rusty Bales
Camp Fire Survivors

Quotes We purchased a new home in January that has 16 watering stations. Feeling a little overwhelmed when it came time to turn them on, we called Sprinklers Fixed. They checked every station, repaired broken lines and faulty valves, and then reprogramed the controller. The stations are now grouped by type of plant and their water needs. Sprinklers Fixed also rewired the controller so the stations are numbered sequentially according to their run time. They took a very confusing haphazard system and made it easy and logical! Quotes
Gary and Lynn Kamph

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